Professional Liability


Through our Professional Liability offerings, we can provide protection to clients who offer professional advice. This will cover the cost of claims for negligence and reputational damage.

We specialise in tailoring our clients’ cover to meet their needs fully. Protection can be made against negligent acts, errors and omissions, breach of professional duty, allegations of a breach of copyright and many other insured perils. We make it clear to our clients that this coverage should be one of their first lines of defence against any claims of failure to perform their professional duties.

Professional Indemnity including Commercial and Miscellaneous risks

We have a worldwide client base which includes insurance brokers, accountants, law firms, architects and engineers, pharmaceutical companies, utility companies and other professions.

Medical Malpractice

We provide a range of healthcare professionals with Medical Malpractice insurance to protect them in the event of any allegations of medical malpractice or clinical negligence in the course of their professional healthcare duties. We have many years’ experience dealing with a range of clients from large hospitals to private medical professionals.

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